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GB-946803-A: Improvements in and relating to charging arrangements for pressurised gas-cooled nuclear reactors patent, GB-946808-A: Improvements in or relating to automatic sorting devices patent, GB-947331-A: Improvements in or relating to labelling machines patent, GB-947634-A: Process for the production of phosphorus compounds and their use in fire-proofing patent, GB-948020-A: Improvements relating to protective apparatus for pulse electrical discharge devices patent, GB-948036-A: Process for the preparation of an isonicotinthiamide derivative patent, GB-948178-A: Narrow band notch filter patent, GB-948244-A: Method to produce timing-pulse sequences for multi-track magnetic memory devices patent, GB-950306-A: Improvements in or relating to cinematographic apparatus patent, GB-950569-A: Aqueous emulsion polymerisation of acrylic acid esters patent, GB-950828-A: Improvements in carrier bags patent, GB-950950-A: Improvements in or relating to arrangements for converting numbers from a scale having a first radix to a scale having a second radix patent, GB-951428-A: Adhesive compositions patent, GB-952807-A: Process for manufacturing minute capsules having waxy material walls patent, GB-953277-A: Improvements in or relating to combined liquid and gaseous fuel burners patent, GB-954533-A: Process for dehydration of hydroxy carbonyl compounds patent, GB-954632-A: Improvements in or relating to variable-capacity rotary pumps patent, GB-954952-A: Hydrodynamic brake patent, GB-955735-A: Bobbins patent, GB-955823-A: Improvements in or relating to storage or housing structures for road vehicles patent, GB-956409-A: Improvements in or relating to mowing and reaping machines patent, GB-956654-A: Process for production of rubbery polymers and catalyst for use therewith patent, GB-956670-A: Improvements relating to washing and spin-drying machines patent, GB-956974-A: A pure, stable 4-epitetracycline compound and process for its manufacture patent, GB-957435-A: An electric contact device patent, GB-957990-A: Salts of substituted indoles patent, GB-958299-A: Improved birdcage patent, GB-958635-A: Improvements in or relating to metal folding machines patent, GB-959189-A: Process of fusion electrolysis for metal production patent, GB-961605-A: Improvements in or relating to hand shears for cutting sheet metal, panels of synthetic plastic material, or the like patent, GB-961795-A: Improvements in the production of crosslinked polyolefins patent, GB-963107-A: Improvements in or relating to methods of forming electrical networks patent, GB-965039-A: Stool for alleviating pains and for redressing pathological deformations of the human vertebral column patent, GB-966028-A: Improvements relating to bobbins or distance pieces for rainwater pipes patent, GB-966243-A: Improvements in or relating to spacing devices for overhead transmission lines patent, GB-967083-A: Improvements in or relating to radar systems patent, GB-967637-A: Improvements in or relating to an aligning arrangement for flat articles such, for example, as postal mail patent, GB-969397-A: Improvements in or relating to switches for electrical apparatus patent, GB-969400-A: Air conditioning system for ground effect machines patent, GB-969472-A: Improvements in or relating to spill-type flow-control governors patent, GB-969965-A: Process for the manufacture of graft copolymers patent, GB-970034-A: An improved box and lid patent, GB-970257-A: Improvements in or relating to a fluid flow control valve for releasing fluid from apressurised zone patent, GB-970690-A: Solvent compositions patent, GB-970805-A: Improvements relating to protective linings for watercourses and other exposed surfaces patent, GB-970859-A: Method of carrying out metallurgical processes patent, GB-970977-A: Disc record and reproducing system patent, GB-970979-A: Improvements relating to data transmission and reproduction systems and concerned with displaying or reproducing such data in visually identifiable manner patent, GB-971244-A: Process for making flock textile patent, GB-971269-A: An improved sleeping bag patent, GB-971312-A: Flow table logic patent, GB-971762-A: Improvements in or relating to photogrammetric plotters patent, GB-973308-A: Air heater patent, GB-975275-A: Improvements relating to methods of manufacturing pole-piece units for magnetic heads patent, GB-975380-A: Torch with igniter patent, GB-976258-A: Improvements relating to automatic record changing gramophones patent, GB-976873-A: Combine harvesters patent, GB-977231-A: Hydraulicaly operated clutch mechanisms for motor vehicles patent, GB-977575-A: Improvements in gas bearings patent, GB-978282-A: Improvements relating to disc-seal electron tubes patent, GB-978352-A: Preparation of 2,2-dichloro-and 2,2-dibromo cyclopropanecarboxylic acids patent, GB-978530-A: Powder flame spray gun nozzle patent, GB-979268-A: Purification of cyclohexanol patent, GB-979797-A: Improvements relating to patterns for clothing manufacture patent, GB-980324-A: Improvements in or relating to door fastening devices patent, GB-980508-A: Diquaternary bis-(pyridyl-thio)-alkanes, -alkenes and-alkynes patent, GB-980956-A: Electrical switching arrangement patent, GB-981714-A: Back rest patent, GB-982654-A: A semi-conductor device patent, GB-982981-A: Improvements in or relating to continuous casting patent, GB-984026-A: Improvements in hose pipes patent, GB-984301-A: Electric circuit breaker patent, GB-985019-A: Lubricating oil compositions patent, GB-985341-A: Power steering or similar apparatus patent, GB-986487-A: Photoresists and method of making same patent, GB-986612-A: Process for fusion coating and materials used therein patent, GB-986768-A: Back gauge control for paper cutting machines patent, GB-987136-A: Tutoring and behavioural investigation machines patent, GB-987186-A: Apparatus for removing loose solid matter from a floor or like surface patent, GB-987641-A: Improvements in or relating to holder devices in the form of wall racks for broom handles and the like patent, GB-987703-A: Improvements in or relating to polymers patent, GB-988399-A: Distributor for automatic vacuum braking system patent, GB-988867-A: Improvements in or relating to a method of controlling and positively driving in either direction a flexible metal or like sheet, and a closing device obtained therefrom patent, GB-988922-A: Hand brake control mechanism for a motor vehicle patent, GB-991245-A: Improvements in tentering devices patent, GB-991509-A: Aminoalkylpiperidinoalkyl-ª‡-naphthylamines patent, GB-992238-A: Improvements in or relating to garaging means patent, GB-993023-A: Improvements relating to thermoplastic containers patent, GB-993093-A: An improved alternating current compensator bridge patent, GB-993310-A: Improvements in or relating to clay pigeon traps patent, GB-993494-A: Improvements relating to electron guns patent, GB-994759-A: Improvements in or relating to the forming and conveying of tobacco filler patent, GB-995516-A: Vibration-damping and load-supporting apparatus patent, GB-996249-A: Flame-resistant polyolefin composition patent, GB-996478-A: Improvements in or relating to the manufacture of cellular polyurethane materials patent, GB-996512-A: Nuclear fuel element patent, GB-997106-A: Empty bottle inspection system patent, GB-997284-A: Process for the manufacture of peracetic acid patent, GB-997725-A: Improvements in methods of heating bodies composed both of insulating and conductiveparts patent, GB-997834-A: Anti-icing arrangements for heat exchangers of an air condensation system patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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