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GB-190717181-A: Improvements in Steam Traps patent, GB-190718121-A: Improvements in Telephoto Lenses. patent, GB-190718351-A: Improved Milling Tool. patent, GB-190718945-A: Improvements in or connected with Kinetoscopes and like Apparatus. patent, GB-190719036-A: Improved Method of and Means for Forming Joints in Pipes or Mains. patent, GB-190720326-A: Improved Device for Cleaning the Seats of Water Closets. patent, GB-190720655-A: Improvement in Railway Rails. patent, GB-190720870-A: Improvements in or relating to Braiding Machines patent, GB-190721225-A: Improved Methods of Varying the Speed and Power-factor of Asynchronous Motors. patent, GB-190723624-A: Improvements relating to Gassing or Singeing Machines for Yarn or Thread. patent, GB-190725496-A: Improvements in Detinning Processes. patent, GB-190726383-A: Improvements in the Method of and Apparatus for Cleansing Articles of Refuse Tin Ware and for the Recovery of Solder therefrom. patent, GB-190726620-A: Improvements in Apparatus for Precipitating Dust or Soot Contained in Gases, by the Injection of Water Under Pressure. patent, GB-190727318-A: Improvements in "Roasting Pans" patent, GB-190727900-A: Improvement in Articles of Manufacture capable of being used as Substitutes for Tissues, Paper, Waterproof Fabrics and like Substances. patent, GB-190728496-A: Improvements in or relating to Thread Guides of Spinning and like Machines patent, GB-190728713-A: Improvements in Railway Sleepers and Means for Attaching Rails thereto. patent, GB-190800493-A: An Improved Coupling for Railway Coaches, Wagons and the like. patent, GB-190802347-A: Improvements in or relating to Metallic Fencing. patent, GB-190803592-A: Improvements in and relating to Electric servo-motor Systems. patent, GB-190804660-A: Improvements in or relating to Variable-speed Gearing patent, GB-190805069-A: Improvements in Evaporating or Concentrating Apparatus. patent, GB-190806399-A: Hygienic Apparatus for Disinfecting Closets, Commodes, and the like. patent, GB-190806501-A: Improvements in Electric-switch Boxes. patent, GB-190808151-A: A New or Improved Cushioning Attachment for Boots and Shoes. patent, GB-190808412-A: A Device for Regulating the Temperature in Rooms and the like Enclosed Spaces. patent, GB-190808640-A: Improvements in Road Locomotives. patent, GB-190808996-A: Contrivance and Apparatus for Storing the Heat Furnished by a Source of Electricity. patent, GB-190811440-A: Improvements in Loose Sheet Books or Binders. patent, GB-190811594-A: Improvements in the Appliances for Exhausting or Removing Dust from Carding Engines patent, GB-190812051-A: Improvements in and relating to the Art of Transforming Wood patent, GB-190816702-A: Improvements in Stationary Buffers for Railways. patent, GB-190818361-A: Improvements in Bracketsor Supports for Cornice Poles and the like patent, GB-190820309-A: Improvements in or connected with Appliances for Supporting Devices, particularly adapted for use in connection with Bearings. patent, GB-190820441-A: Improvements in Roller Brake-lever Clips for Cycles. patent, GB-190820522-A: Improvements in and applicable to Circular Knitting Machines. patent, GB-190821087-A: Improvements in "Willys" or Fibre Opening Machines. patent, GB-190821118-A: Improvements in or connected with Protectors and Fastenings for Hat Pins and the like. patent, GB-190821604-A: An Improved Mechanical Toy. patent, GB-190821747-A: An Improvement in Turning Cultivators, Harrows or the like. patent, GB-190822454-A: Improvements in and relating to Electric Arc Lamps. patent, GB-190824358-A: Improvements in or relating to Cycle Crank Driving Mechanism. patent, GB-190824832-A: Improvements in and relating to Apparatus for use when Cutting Precious Stones. patent, GB-190824851-A: Improvements in or relating to Condensers. patent, GB-190825560-A: Improvements in Exercising Apparatus. patent, GB-190825596-A: Improvements in and relating to Apparatus for Igniting Miners Safety Lamps. patent, GB-190825736-A: Improvements in and relating to Washing or Purifying Apparatus for use in Gas Generating Plants. patent, GB-190825844-A: Improvements in or relating to Electric Lighting or Heating Systems, especially applicable to Train Lighting. patent, GB-190826464-A: Improvements in Crushing, Pulverizing and the like Machines. patent, GB-190826479-A: A Device for Enabling Springs used in Mechanical Contrivances to be readily Adjusted into their Energized or Non-energized Condition. patent, GB-190827290-A: An Improved Inverted Incandescent Gas Burner and Method of Manufacturing the same. patent, GB-190827315-A: Improvements in and connected with Means for Closing Metal Seals. patent, GB-190900668-A: Improvements in Combined Portable Photographic Apparatus and Dark Room. patent, GB-190900910-A: Improvements in or connected with the Manufacture of Channelled Tins or Cans for Sealing with Solder. patent, GB-190901896-A: Rent Collecting Means for Telephone Service. patent, GB-190902295-A: Improvements in the Preparation of China Clay. patent, GB-190902919-A: Improvements in and relating to Gas Stoves. patent, GB-190903380-A: An Improvement in or applicable to Washing Machines. patent, GB-190904205-A: Improvements in Wheels for Roller Skates and in the Manufacture of same. patent, GB-190904926-A: Improvements in Solid Rubber Tyres for the Wheels of Road Vehicles. patent, GB-190905334-A: Improvements in Self-acting Mules. patent, GB-190906272-A: Manufacture of New Blue to Violet Dyestuffs of the Gallocyanine Series. patent, GB-190909488-A: A New or Improved Bed Table also applicable as a Book Rest and the like. patent, GB-190909671-A: An Improved Process and Apparatus for Treating Earthy Material for the Separation of Clay, Slimes, Minerals, or the like. patent, GB-190910968-A: Improvements in or relating to Oil Pumps for Explosion Engines. patent, GB-190911310-A: Improvements in Ladies Hat Pins. patent, GB-190911476-A: Improvement in Combined Ring and Hook. patent, GB-190913747-A: Improved Mode of Controlling Internal Combustion Engines and Apparatus therefor. patent, GB-190914641-A: Improvements in Glass Cutting Machines. patent, GB-190915628-A: Improvements in Apparatus for Carburetting Air. patent, GB-190916038-A: Improvements in Safety Valves. patent, GB-190916666-A: An Improved Rotary Pump. patent, GB-190917806-A: Improvements relating to Socks and like Garments and Means of Retaining same in Position. patent, GB-190919169-A: An Improved Automatic Recording Apparatus for Measuring Gaseous Fluids. patent, GB-190920260-A: Improvements in Hulling, Shelling, Grinding or Crushing Machines. patent, GB-190921674-A: An Improved Process for Utilizing Unmined Coal. patent, GB-190922847-A: Apparatus for Submarine Signalling. patent, GB-190923000-A: Improvements relating to Corking Machines. patent, GB-190923357-A: Improved Apparatus for use in Applying Different Markings, or Indications, to a Series of Papers, or other Material, more especially intended for use in Marking upon Wrappers, or Labels, being Fed to Packetting, Labelling, or Wrapping, Machines, for Indicating which Attendant has Supplied the Contents of any Particular Package to the Machine. patent, GB-190924191-A: Improvements in and relating to Typewriter Desk or Table Tops. patent, GB-190924336-A: Improvements in Chain Wheels. patent, GB-190926564-A: Improvements in or relating to Addressing Machines. patent, GB-190927048-A: Improvements in Centrifugal Machines. patent, GB-190927645-A: Improvements in Reinforced Concrete and like Structures. patent, GB-190928304-A: Improvements in or relating to Internal Combustion Engines. patent, GB-190929706-A: An Improved Method of Regenerating Storage Batteries. patent, GB-190930325-A: Improvements in Sound Reproducing Machines. patent, GB-191001284-A: An Improvement in Cricket Bags. patent, GB-191001781-A: Improvements relating to Azo-dyes. patent, GB-191003649-A: Improvements in Manufacture of Colouring Matters of Great Covering Power and Polishing Powders from Titaniferous Iron Minerals. patent, GB-191004287-A: Improvements in Pneumatic Tyres. patent, GB-191006468-A: Improvements relating to Overhead Runways. patent, GB-191008531-A: Improvements in and relating to the Reduction of Metallic Ores or Oxides. patent, GB-191008567-A: Improvements in Ammonia Purifiers for Refrigerating Plants. patent, GB-191009459-A: Electric Induction Furnaces. patent, GB-191009628-A: Apparatus for Storage and Delivery of Inflammable Liquids. patent, GB-191010163-A: Improvements in Safety Devices for Elevators. patent, GB-191010556-A: Improvement in Corset-fastenings. patent, GB-191013222-A: Improvements in Blow Pipes and Blow Lamps for Soldering and other purposes. patent, GB-191017485-A: Improvements in Automatic Apparatus for Simultaneously Locking Railway Carriage Doors. patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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